Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Solid Wood Floor

If your hardwood floors have regular wear and tear and/or deep scratches, you probably should consider refinishing your floors and make it look brand new again.

There are two types of wood that can be refinished: solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. Solid hardwood (picture below) can be sanded 3-5 times depending if it has been refinished before. Most older homes (30+ year ago) have solid planks installed in their homes. 

Engineered Hardwood Plank

However, engineered hardwood can be refinished 0-2 times in its life expectancy. There is only a thin veneer layer of hardwood  on top of multilayer plywood (see picture below) when looking at engineered hardwood. Sometimes the layer of hardwood is so thin (almost paper thin), we cannot refinish the hardwood at all. If this is the case, the next best option might be to consider installing new hardwood floors.

Refinished Floors

Refinishing hardwood floors requires many steps to finish the job the right way :
        1. The first thing we should do is clear the room
        2. Then we cover any doorways with a drop cloth or plastic to seal the room from dust traveling elsewhere
        3. We use a sanding machine to sand away the old polyurethane coat down to bare wood.
        4. Patch and fill the cracks on the floor with wood filler/putty
        5. Sand again with a thinner grit sand paper
        6. Buff the floors to make it even smoother
        7. Vacuum and feather dust to pick up most of the dust in the room
        8. Stain the floor to the color of your choice.
        9. We use a commercial grade polyurethane finish and apply one coat first
        10. Once dry, we buff, dust, clean, and apply the final coat of polyurethane finish